Alien Swarm Computer Game Review

Alien Swarm Computer Game Review

The Alien Swarm Computer Game has one of the most intense and scary themes ever conceived in a video game! As you progress through the levels, your objective will be to protect the crew of the G Wing from the Alien creatures. Once you complete each level, you will be allowed to download it for free to play it again! Which level you complete first is the ending you get when the game is over.


If you like your space or horror games dark and atmospheric, then this game will fit right in. It was created by Cryptic Studios and published by Crave Entertainment. It’s based on the novel “Aliens Vs. Predator” written by Robert Rankin. And the artwork for the alien models and creatures is well done!


The game is very challenging and fast-paced. You’ll find yourself running around the base of the G Wing trying to defend it from the Alien creatures as they attack from all sides. The alien creatures move very fast, so you must stay alert and ready to move to the next area to eliminate the threat. There are several difficulty levels in this game, ranging from beginner to advanced. You can easily go from easy to challenging while playing the game!


This Alien Swarm Computer Game is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. However, currently, there is no release for the Nintendo Wii version. So be sure to save your files before backing out or buying the game! Otherwise, you won’t have any choice but to play it on your first system of interest – and you might not like the game at all!


One thing I really liked about this game is the different paths you can take to complete your goals. Some are locked in place, requiring you to complete certain tasks before unlocking them, while others are open and allow you to move freely. That means you can sometimes choose to complete a mission, even if it isn’t necessary to collect all the resources you need for that level! Different paths give players different experience points, which make each run more rewarding.


As with any good Alien Breed game, the graphics are top notch. The alien ships really looked alien and the design of these spaceships are very interesting. They also blend in well with the overall environment of the computer game. You will also notice that they really do resemble real life space vessels, which adds to the credibility of the whole thing.


The sound effects were a little bit lacking, but that is to be expected with any PC game. Also, the music was just as atmospheric as it could get! Again, it wasn’t anything that really cracked me up, but it sure helped add to the atmosphere of the game. But, the true strength of Alien Swarm is the space combat! The game is very balanced between the action you are involved in and the strategic elements you need to master in order to win.


All in all, Alien Swarm is a very entertaining game to play. With a lot of unique features like a procedural generation engine, you can tell that this is truly a top-quality title. If you enjoy games with a great story and a great atmosphere, then you will love Alien Swarm! If you think you’ll just waste your time doing nothing, then you will definitely fall in love with this one! It is well worth checking out, especially if you enjoy having your brains boggled for a couple hours at a time!


Another great feature of Alien Swarm is the fact that it is actually considered to be a space odyssey simulator. A great deal of the fun stems from using space combat to fight off the aliens. What makes things different is that you are actually playing a real life mission! This means that you will be fighting against a real life space ship as opposed to an alien.

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When I say real life space ship, I’m not just talking about the spaceships that you see on TV! Yes, you will be using a real life spacecraft and battle it out against the likes of the Nostromo, the Titan, the Columbia, and many others. You will also be dealing with some other life forms as well, such as the Chestbury and Pterodactyl. These enemies will engage you in space combat as well, so you will be going up against some big names! If you enjoy space combat, but you also enjoy games that let you plan your attack, then you will certainly have fun with Alien Swarm!


Overall, Alien Swarm is a very enjoyable computer game. The graphics are very nice, and the aliens look very realistic. What really makes this game so unique though is the fact that you are controlling every aspect of the alien ship and its crew. This makes it one of the most unique experiences available on the Alienware gaming platform today!

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