TextNow App


This TextNow free messaging app and phone service allow you to make and receive calls anywhere you have internet access. It has thousands of users and works in more than 230 countries, including the US. You can make unlimited calls from the app as well as send and receive text messages. Among the features of …

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Tumblr App


If you’ve ever wondered how to download the Tumblr mobile app, you’ve come to the right place. You can now access your Tumblr account whenever you want, and all you need is your Android phone. You can view your feed, reblog content, and like posts from the comfort of your smartphone. You can even manage …

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Twitter Mobile App


The official Twitter mobile app is the easiest way to interact with the largest social network. Regardless of whether you are using an iPhone or Android smartphone, you can access the Twitter service from anywhere. Simply go to the Google Play store and search for Twitter. After locating the application, press the blue Tweet button …

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Facebook Mobile App


To download the Facebook mobile application, you need to sign in to your Apple ID account. To do so, visit your Apple ID settings and tap the Settings menu > General> Applications. You’ll see an app called Facebook in the list of apps. Touch the “Download” button and the app will begin downloading to your …

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Tango Mobile App


Almost all Android and iOS devices are compatible with Tango, and it’s easy to install and set up. Once you’ve signed up with your phone number, email, or Facebook account, you can immediately start communicating. The app lets you make and receive calls, text messages, and share pictures and videos, and even does live broadcasting. …

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Reddit Mobile App


To use the Reddit mobile app, you must be a registered member of the site. This is the only way to sign in. After you have registered, you can download the Reddit mobile application. If you don’t have a member account, you can sign up here. You will need to sign up. If you haven’t …

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Blogger Mobile App


To use your blogger account on your smartphone, you can download the Blogger Mobile App. This free app allows you to manage your blog posts, photos, and comments. The Blogger Mobile App is designed to work seamlessly with any smartphone. Once downloaded, you can use the app to add and edit photos. The Blogger Mobile …

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Your Phone Companion

Your Phone Companion

One of the most exciting innovations in technology is the ability of mobile phones to connect with computers. Your phone can become a PDA or portable digital assistant (PDAs). Now you have the ability to keep your business, personal life, and even your pets organized with just one handy device. You no longer need an …

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One of the easiest and most exciting ways to stay connected with friends is to download the free version of WhatsApp Messenger on your phone. The only problem is that you cannot use it on an old phone like an iPhone or an Android phone. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. The official …

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How to download Textra mobile application from iPod Touch? A lot of people ask this question as they are not very sure how they can get the software for free. Well, it’s not really a problem because there are many ways on getting them. The most convenient and simplest way to have them is through …

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