Health and Fitness

Replika App


In November, Replika launched its mobile app. It allows users to build their own chatbot, which learns to speak like a real person. While Replika is not yet able to order pizza or control smart home appliances, it does help people better understand themselves and develop emotional intelligence. This app will be a valuable companion …

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Insight Timer App

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a free meditation app that lets you set a timer to meditate for a set period of time. The app is available on Android and iOS smartphones. Users can download the app onto their device by using an emulator such as Bluestacks. These emulators support the import of APK files and can …

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Geocaching Mobile App


Before you begin geocaching, you should download the Geocaching Mobile App. This app is free for iPhone and Android users and provides key information about the cache. The information is broken down into tabs that you can easily scroll through. This mobile app also lets you see your current GPS coordinates and compass, so you …

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Calm Mobile App


The Calm app features a large library of short bedtime stories. Narrated by experts, these stories are relaxing and calming. They only feature nature scenes, far-off lands, and big and great adventures. The stories help users relax and fall asleep, and the app also comes with recommended settings for you to choose from. The app …

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How To Download Calorie Counter App

Calorie Counter

To create a calorie counter mobile app, you must first decide what platform to develop it on. There are many platforms to choose from, so you’ll need to consider which one will provide the best experience for your user. The most popular platforms for mobile apps include iOS and Android, and the most popular sports …

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How To Download Eve Mobile App is the question that has been bothering a large number of people. This Mobile App is similar to an iPhone or Blackberry however, it does not come with an App Store. This was one of the main reasons why this Mobile App was not introduced in the market earlier …

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One of the newest and most exciting mobile applications today is ZocDoc Mobile App. This web application was created to help users to manage their mobile documents on the go. In fact, this application was actually developed in response to Apple’s Office Mobile and also Google Docs mobile application platforms. The main aim behind ZocDoc …

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If you are thinking of downloading the MyFitnessPal Mobile App to your Smart Phone, you are not alone. This is one of the most popular free apps for Apple and Android Smartphones. This app will enable you to track your exercise history and calories burned through the iPhone or Android. This is a great fitness …

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It is so easy to install and run the Fitbit mobile application. All you have to do is simply follow the simple instructions that are provided by the company. You can do this directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch. The whole process takes just a couple of minutes and does not require you to …

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Adidas Running

Adidas Running

How to Download Adidas Running Mobile App is not a big question that a lot of people always ask. This app is for sure the latest and one of the most advanced run apps available for mobile devices. It has been created by Adidas and has been made available through the Google play store. This …

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