Doodle Jump Mobile Game Review

Doodle Jump Mobile Game Review

Doodle Jump Mobile Game is all about a young boy who loves playing games on his mobile phone. You can see that his name is Alex and he is not too far away from your own age. And his favorite game is Doodle Jump. You can play it freely and anytime you want to. This article will tell you how to get started in this amazing mobile game.


First things first: the game is free! There’s no need to pay anything to download the game. So get ready to download it right away. Doodle Jump Mobile Game is also back with a brand new Doodle Jump experience!


Now, here is the story of the game: Alex is looking for his old bike. However, he cannot find it in the junk yard. He then decides to visit the sewer to find his missing bike. To his horror, he sees a big hole there and asks his neighbors to help him search for his missing bike.


When he boards the airplane, he gets lost somewhere over the sea. So he starts asking his fellow passengers about his whereabouts and they tell him about a mysterious cave where a giant whale is looking for treasure. The rest of the story revolves around finding the treasure and returning it to the boss of the cave.


As you can guess from the name, this is a top down shooting game and you need to aim carefully to avoid being shot. If you are shot, you will have to land on a certain platform and continue furthering the game. There are many stages in this game and once you complete one, you move on to the next level.


There are many achievements in this game as well. You can earn the achievement by getting all the coins during a level. The player also earns money and points throughout the course of a game session. If you become an overlord of the whole game, you will be able to buy new gadgets and vehicles for your airship. The money earned can be used to buy these things or for upgrading your ship.


In addition, players can also customize their characters. You can purchase clothing and add different features to the character like wings, wingsuit, horns, sunglasses, or even go berserk! The items bought can be used to buy weapons for combating other ships. The items bought can also be used to personalize your character and increase your chances of winning a game. There are some levels that have to be completed before you move on to the next level.


The graphics are fairly good and provide a nice background for the game. The music is pleasant and soothing. The main game screen looks very crisp and nice. There is only one minor problem in this game; a character named Captain Jack takes a fall in one level while trying to rescue another character from a cave. The rest of the game is otherwise very enjoyable.


One minor glitch in the game requires users to touch an icon to raise or lower the sails on a ship. I do not know why this is the case, but I have not successfully repaired it. It may be something related to the game download software. If you experience this, please let me know.


The controls in this game are quite simple. You will need to tap certain points on the screen to move your character in the direction that you desire. Some of the levels require you to build your airship before using them. This adds a little bit of difficulty to the game. It is fun to see how well you can build your ship.


After completing a level, there are many unlockables available for purchase. Some of these include extra lives, credits, extra ships, costumes, and other special items. Some of the items are not available on all versions of the game. The most important items are the ones that increase your chance of winning the game. With enough money, you can buy a cheat code to speed up your progress through the levels. This is an option that I recommend that you explore as well.


In conclusion, Doodle Jump is an enjoyable game that can be enjoyed by everyone. Although it is more geared toward a younger audience, it does not make it too difficult for those who are familiar with classic arcade style games. If you have a chance, check out its website for some fun mobile gaming! Remember, it comes out of date on a regular basis so it may not be as up to date as some of the other free games that are available. If you enjoy the free flash game you can try the paid version as well to save a few bucks.

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