Dreadnought Computer Game Review

Dreadnought Computer Game Review

Dreadnought is one of the most thrilling and original games ever made for the computer. It is set in the near future and takes place on a planet called Dreadnought, where many corporations vie for control of the mysterious Dreadnought Program. Players enter Dreadnought through a series of doors on the corporate headquarters located on the moon, and they must fight their way through an immense virtual maze to reach an inner level of the facility, guarded by a giant machine called Dreadnought.


The game begins with a secret presentation. Two technicians are setting up a demonstration video camera for a big company conference, but when they accidentally activate a dangerous virus within the system, they must save the day before the conference is ruined. This is where the game begins. This is also the first part of the storyline. You can expect to see a lot of computer game influence throughout the rest of the storyline.


Dreadnought is very different from other computer games in a number of ways. The first is the fact that it is the first complete storyline you will encounter. During your first play of Dreadnought, there will be several goals you must accomplish. These objectives will often require you to complete multiple levels or a variety of challenges, each one of which will have its own reward at the end. The first two levels are relatively short and simple, but when you finally reach the last level called the Cathedral, things start getting more difficult and challenging.


There are actually three parts to playing Dreadnought. First, there is the main game itself. This is the portion where your efforts will be rewarded. Your goal throughout all three parts of the game is to reach the bottom of the tower and activate the “Reaper” submission which will kill all the enemies on your way. Once you have reached that goal, you continue forward and proceed to the next level.


The second part of the game is the bonus or hidden area in which you will find additional items. For the first part of the game, you can find a mysterious box that has a series of items inside of it. These items can be used throughout the rest of the game and each one helps you complete one of your main objectives. If you happen to reach level three without using any of the items found in the first part of the game, you will receive a special item that will allow you to jump from platform to platform. This allows you to avoid taking damage from spikes or other obstacles. After you have successfully completed the first part of the game, the second part will be available to you without any hassle.


Dreadnought is among the first computer games to use level design. In fact, you will see many levels that you will not be able to reach if you do not upgrade your machine to the highest level. As you move up in the levels, you will encounter tougher enemies that are much more difficult to beat. As you progress through the game, new power ups will become available. As well, you will find that you are unable to lose any of your progress as there are no save files or backups.


The graphics for Dreadnought are very impressive. The game looks like it was made by an experienced team of graphics artists and designers. They did an excellent job creating what is easily one of the best looking computer games being played today. The sound effects are also top notch. When you are playing this game for the first time, the music that plays while you are playing is quite soothing. However, once you are becoming familiar with the tunes, you will likely stop listening to them.

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Overall, Dreadnought is one of the more popular first person shooters being played today. If you enjoy shooting bad guys and rescuing little girls, then you will love this computer game. Even if you never want to touch a gun again, you may find yourself playing this game several times in order to simply feel good about yourself. No matter why you love playing computer games, be sure to try Dreadnought!

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