Enjoy The Thrilling Adventures Of Armored Warfare On Your Computer Screen

Enjoy The Thrilling Adventures Of Armored Warfare On Your Computer Screen

Armored Warfare Computer Game is a free to play vehicle combat video game based on the Russian vs. Western armored battle. The game is inspired by the TV series and movies of movies such as World War II and the Cold War. Armored Warfare utilizes very simple, yet addictive gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. Here are some of the advantages of playing this game on your computer:


*The game replicates many aspects of real military conflicts. You can see tanks, military Hummers, and other vehicles used on real battlefields. For example, you will see that in one scene the Hummers are parked on a road leading into a battlefield. You can use the binoculars and look to the left or right to see how many troops are sitting around a large base or bunker.


*You have the option to choose your own unit type. There are both ground forces and air forces to fight alongside. Each has specific weapons and abilities. This allows you to build up your own military quickly and develop your strategy for winning the game. Try using the tanks on the battlefield to their maximum effectiveness and use long range weaponry to eliminate as many troops as possible.


*You have the option to play with either the American or Russian military. Both have different advantages and disadvantages. Some units will be more effective than others. For example, in some cases, the Americans may be able to destroy the Russian tanks.


*A lot of the game involves using deception. For example, when you are defending yourself from a sneak attack you must make sure that you are not spotted. Only use your main force when the situation gets desperate. Also, when you spot an enemy soldier, use your cannons and mortars on them.


*You can purchase upgrades for your units. In this game, gold is very cheap and you will get more using this tactic. You will buy armor that gives your soldiers extra protection. Some of the items are adjustable so that you can level your characters up faster. This saves you time. Each level has a new set of challenges and this adds to the replay factor.


*You get to choose your hero. He has special skills and attributes. Try building your hero as if you were playing a traditional war game. The special skills and attributes include healing, recon, and sabotage.


As well, the game has a multiplayer battle mode. This allows you to pit your wits against another team of gamers. Join one of these multiplayer battles and see how you do. If you are looking for a cool computer game that will keep you engaged in real world situations, then this is the game for you. The producers are definitely creating a new formula that will have military personnel around the world playing this game.


If you enjoy playing games that require your creativity and add-on points, then this is the online game for you. It is a free online game that does not require any monthly fees to play. Just like other military-themed games, you can play it by joining specific servers. The game is set to challenge gamers regardless of their age or gender.


If you are an expert on military strategy and would like to hone your skills, this game might just be perfect for you. Since the game is multiplayer, you can battle other users who are at the same skill level as yourself. If you have friends that are into the military, then play with them to improve your skills. Those that just like to play for fun, they can do so online and not worry about competing with others. The game is available in different languages including German, French, and English.

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If you are tired of fighting wars on the battlefield, then play this exciting game. You can either join the game through a dedicated server or play on a public server. Either way, you will be immersed in a world of war. In order to gain experience, you can either do battle with other players or do it solo. The game also provides players with training and practice.


You can play with up to four other players at a time. Once you have reached a certain level, you can invite other players to play with you. While you are playing the game, you get to learn more about various military strategies. You will also learn how to use various weapons in order to best protect yourself and protect your comrades.

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