Geometry Dash Mobile Game Review

Geometry Dash Mobile Game Review

A new kid on the block has introduced Geometry Dash Mobile Game. A new flash game created by Curve Studio is similar to the popular Fitbit and Apple’s Health. However, the difference is that the games come with a learning element and helps children develop their critical thinking skills as well. The game character is a five-year old girl who likes to create impossible shapes with her mobile phone. This game can be downloaded directly from the iPhone store or can be purchased through the iTunes Store for a price of $2.99.


As in the original version, the main character is a young girl called Sunset Shimmer who uses her magical powers to make objects fall down from the sky and makes her way to the bottom of the complex tower. To do this, she needs to master the different power-ups available in Geometry Dash Mobile Game. There are actually nine power-ups in the game and these vary according to their uses. Some of these are listed below: Power Flower, Power Spike, Power Bomb, Double Bubble, Cube Break, Magic Lamp, and Time Gem. Each of these has its own purpose and is only used when certain other power-ups are not available.


Power-up techniques and strategies will vary depending on the type of power-up used. The first among them is the Time Gem, which allows players to slow down the time required for completing a level. The Time Gem comes in two forms, allowing players to pick between Double Time and Unlimited Time Gem. The second form lasts up to twenty minutes and players have to collect as many gems as possible within that time period. The last among these is the Power Spike, which shoots out five stars every fifteen seconds. It is recommended that you use the Power Spike wisely, since it is a risky move that could easily get you trapped or stuck at a particular point in the level.


There are various ways by which players can move through the platform of Geometry Dash Mobile. Two of these are jumping and sliding. There are two types of jumps that players can make during their play session: Power Jumps and Double Jump. A Power Jump is performed by quickly moving from one platform to another while a Double Jump consists of moving from one platform to another while holding down the trigger of the corresponding jump button. The various levels of each level require the player to know the right way to make use of these power jumps and double jump methods.


There are several other challenges that are present in Geometry Dash Mobile. These include obstacles that players must avoid such as spikes and holes. They are generally found in the platforming sections of the game. Power Boosts and Power Wheels can also be used to pass through these obstacles. They can be collected by holding down the appropriate trigger while going through the platforming sections of the mobile games.


There are several hidden areas and objects within the game that players won’t see immediately. Some of these items consist of coins, stars, and special gems. When players accumulate enough of them, they can open up secret passages that will take them to different sections of the game. Additionally, some of these levels require the players to collect stars before they are able to proceed. In doing so, these stages become more challenging because more difficult puzzles have to be solved in order to open the passages.

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All the power ups available in the Geometry Dash Mobile game also serve to add a new challenge to its players. These include power ups such as the Big Bang Bubble, Time Boom, Magic Maker, and the Time Spike. All these power ups serve different purposes and can be used effectively to give players an upper hand in their competition. Some of these items can even completely restore the capabilities of the characters within the game making it so that they may use the tools of their craft more effectively.


The game is free to play online. It can also be played free of charge on certain mobile devices depending on the network through which it was accessed. However, users may not get the same level of challenge that those who purchase the same game will receive from being able to see the levels that players without purchasing get to see. In this way, the Geometry Dash Mobile game is a great tool for those who want an entertaining and challenging game to play. Those looking for a cool and entertaining game that can be enjoyed by all ages can do quite well by playing this.


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