Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Game Review

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Game Review

Mobile Legends: Bang is an amazing mobile multiplayer fighting game developed and released by Moonton, a huge subsidiary of byteDance. The game is truly unique since it combines action and puzzle together in a single game. The player can use both his/her keyboard and mouse. It’s not just another hack and slash game like so many other games today. It’s a real competitive game.


Mobile Legends: Bang was developed for the Windows CE operating system using the Flash chip as its main program engine. It uses the famous arcade game concept where a player has to run, jump and attack his opponents to win the battle. Each character in this game is endowed with special abilities and weapons that have different move-sets. Each of these movesets has a short attack time and an unlimited number of uses. The player has a limited number of lives and once he uses up all his lives the game will be over and you’ll have to start off again. The hero has a powerful up-close weapon, but if he or she gets hit, they have to wait until their turns have passed to recharge it.


The hero of this game is named Kung Zhu. He uses various weapons and his special skills to cause damage to his opponents. Although he is only a minor character, the game gives him many bits and pieces to learn from and can also be very challenging. As he progresses through the game, he will gain more knowledge about fighting as well as acquire many friends to help him along the way.


Mobile Legends: Bang starts with the hero finding several mysterious locked chests in many different cities across the globe. When you find these chests, you will need to defeat every enemy within a set amount of time in order to open them. Each city has its own Legendary warrior inside that can be challenged when all the other warriors have passed on. You must kill each of these legendary warriors in order to progress through the storyline. However, you will have to fight even more legendary warriors as you go along your journey in the Mobile Legends Mobile Game.


The game also involves collecting up to 10 different heroes for you to use in your battle against the enemies. These heroes are acquired by doing certain quests and you can also buy them from shops or through the Internet. There are a total of 12 different heroes that can be used in the game and they have different characteristics and attack patterns. All the different heroes have different skills and moves that you can use to your advantage while engaging in a battle. Some of the skills can also be modified by changing the codes provided in the game.


Mobile Legends features a mixture of action, adventure, puzzle, and war games. Playing this game on the mobile platform allows you to enjoy it just like how you would when playing on your home computer or mobile gaming console. With the fast pace of the game and its user friendly controls, it is expected that this game will attract many mobile gamers especially those who enjoy playing games with action and excitement.

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There are also several quests and challenges that you can participate in during your adventure in the game. These quests will help you gain upgrades as well as new weapons in the game. Players also have to use their powers and skills to defeat the various enemies that appear throughout the game. The game is available for free and you can play it for as long as you want.


The story of the game is based on Japanese mythology and it tells the story of the treasures called the Triploids. They are mysterious creatures that roam around the earth and are rumored to bring bad luck. The Triploids steal the seven gods’ power and use it for themselves. Only the hero, Gingka, can stop them from doing this and he has to travel throughout the various regions of Japan in order to find them and defeat the evil trio of bosses. As you progress through the game, you will learn more about Gingka and other popular characters of the game as well.

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