PUBG – The Best Mobile Game

PUBG - The Best Mobile Game

PUBG Mobile is a paid iPhone application that was recently released in the App Store. This application is highly comparable to popular apps such as Linea II: Conquer The Nations or Mob Wars. The game is very addicting as players spend hours of gaming on their devices. This article covers the advantages and disadvantages of PUBG Mobile. Given below are some points that clarify the differences between the paid app and the free iPhone app.


As PUBG Mobile can only be purchased from the Google Play Store, it enjoys an exclusive position on mobile device. The total app size of the application is 930 MB, and it is accessible for download from the Google Play Store for a fee of $2.99. Facebook users have to connect their social media accounts to the device in order to access the game. The interface looks very similar to the interface of Facebook, though the app includes a plethora of features not present in the social network.


Advantages of PUBG Mobile As the players can play for long hours without any break, the game never sleeps. Unlike most games that force players to stop playing once they reach the level cap, PUBG allows players to continue for as long as they want. This means that players can earn more money throughout the course of the game. However, it should be noted that as the player levels up in the game, their earnings decrease.


Since the competition is extremely high, players are encouraged to play for many hours every day. This ensures that players get a substantial reward after a few months of play. This encourages long term players to continue to engage in the game and encourages new players to join the fray. Due to this strong competition, the payout is also exceptionally large.


Unlike most MMORPG games, PUBG Mobile has a strong community of players who actually like to hang out in the chat rooms and discuss the course of the game with other players. This means that players get to participate in meaningful conversations. They can also make new friends and earn the respect of their peers. The game mechanics are well designed to encourage players to communicate and help one another. This is important because, ultimately, it is the quality of play that matters the most.


Although PUBG Mobile does not include a ranking system, players are still able to acquire points that determine their performance. The number of points earned can then be combined with the player’s friends to form a score. This helps players feel involved with the challenges and levels of the game because the more they help their friends, the more they’ll improve their score. This also encourages players to play for longer periods of time, as they feel that the challenge will eventually be overcome and they’ll be rewarded.

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Since PUBG Mobile is free to download and use, it offers a number of advantages over other similar games. Players have access to a huge database of weapons, vehicles, and other equipment. They can also earn experience points and level up quickly. Although the in-game money is not substantial, it is possible to amass enough of it to buy some high-end gear.


One of the key features of PUBG Mobile is its use of social networking features. Facebook and other social networking sites allow players to connect with each other. This is useful because it helps the player to develop deeper connections within the game itself. The ability to communicate through these websites is important because it creates an atmosphere where players feel a sense of belonging. This is important for any mobile game that hopes to succeed.

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